25 Surprising Things That Google Knows About You

Written By CriminalJustice.com Staff

Google is the go-to provider of many things online-search, email, maps, and more. But have you ever stopped to consider all of the information you’re sharing with Google? Read on, and find out all of the dirt that Google has on you.

  1. What you’re searching for: Google is used by millions of people worldwide-and they know what every user is searching for, even if it’s not personally identifiable.
  2. The web pages you visit: Google AdSense is used by many web pages for online advertising, and Google’s cookies record your visits to web pages with their ad program on them.
  3. The blogs you read: If you use Google Reader, Google knows the blogs you subscribe to. Even if you’re not on Google Reader, Google knows all of the Blogger pages you visit.
  4. Your financial information: Users of AdSense and/or Google Checkout share financial information, addresses, and other personal information with Google.
  5. The strength and popularity of your website or blog: For users of Google Analytics, Google knows what sites you control, how they are doing, and their trends.
  6. Who and what you’re emailing: GMail users, and those who send mail to GMail users share a variety of personal and business information with Google.
  7. What’s on your PC: If you’re using Google Desktop, Google knows everything that you keep on your computer.
  8. Your research paper, bills, upcoming blog post, etc.: Docs and Spreadsheets are great web-based office tools, but using them means exposing the information in your documents to Google.
  9. Your schedule: Google Calendar opens your personal and business schedule up to the prying eyes of Google.
  10. Your social network and interests: Google indexes sites like Orkut, Facebook, and Digg, and as such, has access to information about what you’re interested in online.
  11. When you’re going to get the flu: Google can track flu related searches to find out where and when the flu happens.
  12. Where you and your friends are: Using Google Latitude, cell phone users can share their location with others. Even if you’re not using Latitude, Google Maps for mobile can approximate your location.
  13. What you’re watching on YouTube: Google owns YouTube, and knows about all the dirty videos you’ve been watching.
  14. What and where you study: Google Books, Scholar, and University Search are tools that can reveal your academic life online.
  15. Everything you’re looking at online: Users of the browser Google Chrome allow Google to see all of the web pages they are visiting.
  16. Your problems: Asking a question or giving an answer on Google Answers will reveal your problems and personal life to Google.
  17. Your medical issues: Do you use Google Health? If so, you’re sharing your entire medical history with Google.
  18. Your home address: Use Google Maps, AdSense, or Checkout, and there’s a good chance Google has your home address.
  19. Mobile number: On SMS, Google Mobile, and Gmail, you can reveal your mobile number to Google.
  20. How your voice sounds: Using Google Talk will share the sound of your voice with Google.
  21. What you, your friends and family look like and do: With the photo editor Picasa, you’re revealing your photographs, friends, and moments to Google.
  22. Everything you do online: Google Secure Access encrypts your data, so everything you’re doing online for school or work is recordable.
  23. What you want to buy and have bought: Product search and Catalog search can reveal what you’re buying and shopping for.
  24. What your business is about: Keywords and purchasing patterns on Adwords share information about your business with Google.
  25. What’s important to you: If you’ve set up Google Alerts, Google knows all of the things that are most important for you to know about online.