CriminalJustice.com is an organization dedicated to researching and creating free resources for those interested or already working in the criminal justice field. Maybe you’re thinking about college, a career change, or going back to school to pursue your master’s or doctoral degree – you’ll find useful information to help inform these big decisions on our site.


  • What resources do you provide for professionals and students? Given that criminal justice is such a broad discipline comprising many subfields of study, our goal is to help break down the different areas in which students can earn a degree, such as crime scene investigation, law enforcement, and legal studies. If an area of study is offered at multiple degree levels — associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and/or doctorate – we provide separate guides for each. These lay out exactly what earning a degree at each level entails, which types of jobs graduates are prepared for, and which schools offer these programs. You can also find general financial aid tips, scholarship opportunities, and college prep resources on CriminalJustice.com.
  • Where else have you been featured? The University of Maryland, Cottey College, and Colorado Mesa University are among the schools that have referenced our work. Local governments such as Wayne County and Sherburne County, as well as law firms like Ferguson and Ferguson: Attorneys At Law, have also featured CriminalJustice.com on their websites.
  • Which types of programs do you consider to fall under “criminal justice”? Criminal justice is a dynamic and far-reaching field, and program offerings reflect this. We cover everything from corrections and law enforcement to crime scene investigation and public safety administration. Our degree guides provide overviews of the most in-demand programs in the field, but we do not claim to cover every degree or specialty available.
  • How long have you been in operation? Our editorial staff began working on CriminalJustice.com in 2011.
  • Are you a non-profit organization? No, we are not. We are reimbursed by sponsored schools.
  • How does CriminalJustice.com make money? We have financial partnerships with certain schools featured across our site. These schools are always clearly labeled as being “Sponsored” or “Featured,” and they may compensate us when a visitor requests more information about one of their programs. We do not privilege these schools in our editorial copy or within our database.
  • Is your site free to use? Yes, all of our resources are free to users.
  • What schools are included your database? Can a school pay to be included? Schools cannot pay to be included in the database. Our school directory is pulled from a larger database provided by the U.S. Department of Education called IPEDS, or the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.
  • Where do the statistics in your database come from? How often are they updated? Like the schools themselves, statistics featured in our school directory are pulled directly from IPEDS. We update our directory annually. Keep in mind that these statistics are reported directly by the schools to the NCES and are not independently verified by our staff.
  • Who writes your content? Our editorial staff is made up of online education experts, advocates, and industry professionals.
  • Do you have an advertising policy? Yes. As we work to assist students in their search for the best schools and programs, we may provide information on our site that comes directly from partner institutions in return for compensation. It is the obligation of these schools to validate this information and confirm that it is both complete and accurate, as we do not independently substantiate it prior to publication. Any such client schools will be labeled with tags like “Sponsored” or “Featured.” Additionally, we make no claim that any of the school listings we provide are comprehensive or complete collections of available programs, schools, etc.

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