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About is a comprehensive resource for prospective and current criminal justice students. In an effort to help learners identify the concentration and program best suited for them, we've created free resources that break down popular criminal justice degrees, careers, and the criminal justice system itself. On our site, you'll also find general college prep, financial aid, and job search guides that support student success at every step of the journey.

We're motivated by our desire to increase transparency and accessibility to higher education-related knowledge. Our data-driven content is intended to help each criminal justice student make well-informed decisions regarding their education and career trajectory.

How We Make Money

We take transparency very seriously at and want to make it clear that we are supported by ad revenue. This enables us to keep creating the high-quality resources available on our site.

We earn money through working with schools, who advertise on our site and reimburse us for student referrals. We additionally may earn compensation when readers use our "Find a School" tool. To minimize confusion and maintain transparency, all advertising placements are clearly labeled with terms like "ad" or "advertising disclosure" across our site. However, we want to emphasize that these advertising relationships do not influence our editorial content.

How We Maintain Editorial Independence

Our priority is to provide resources that help current and aspiring criminal justice students to make informed decisions about their education. To do this, our editorial content has to be as unbiased as possible -- meaning, in part, that the schools we advertise do not affect what or how we write.

In addition, we've developed rigorous editorial standards that our experts, writers, and editors all adhere to throughout the content creation process. These guidelines are continually revised and updated as needed to ensure we're producing the top-quality content we strive for.

We reference reliable and reputable sources when researching our content. This includes the National Center for Education Statistics' Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have any questions about our advertising policy or editorial process, please don't hesitate to contact us at