50 Best Blogs About Environmental Law

Written By CriminalJustice.com Staff

Environmental violations, toxic torts, and more can be quite interesting and informative, and you can read all about them in various environmental law blogs. You can find environmental law blogs about news, developments, education, and more. Read on, and you’ll find 50 of the best blogs about environmental law.


Take a general look at environmental law through these blogs.

  1. Environmental Law Resource: Follow this blog to get environmental law updates, rulings, and information around the world.
  2. Biolaw: Read about law and the life sciences from BioLaw.
  3. Environmental Legal Blogs: Learn about developments in environmental law from this blog.
  4. Law and the Environment: Seth Jaffe’s blog is a good source for learning about current events in environmental law.
  5. Green Counsel: On this blog, you’ll learn about using the law to promote renewable energy, environmental business, and sustainability.
  6. Environmental Crimes Blog: Check out Environmental Crimes to learn about some of the acts being committed against the environment.
  7. The Brockovich Report: Erin Brockovich works to protect the public from dangerous substances that cause health problems.
  8. Environmental Toxic Torts: This blog offers a look into legal developments and defense strategy in environmental toxic torts.
  9. Ear To The Ground: Thomas Clarke blogs about the law and science of the environment and toxic torts.
  10. Municipal, Planning & Environmental Law Group Blog: This blog offers a look at how municipal law and planning affects the environment.
  11. Law and the Environment: In this blog, you’ll find commentary and insights into the issues of law and the environment.


You can stay up to date on environmental news developments with these blogs.

  1. Environmental & Energy Law Monitor: This blog covers news and updates on environmental and energy law.
  2. Becker’s Environmental Law Update: Find news about environmental law from this blog.
  3. eNewsUSA: Visit this blog to find environmental news and information for environmental attorneys and consultants.
  4. Sharks in the Water: Sharks in the Water is all about global environmental and IP matters.


These bloggers are involved in environmental law education.

  1. Environmental Law Prof Blog: Susan Smith is a professor of law at Williamette University College of Law.
  2. American College of Environmental Lawyers: This group of environmental lawyers offers insight into environmental law, ethics, and administration of justice.
  3. Legal Planet: Legal Planet is an environmental law and policy blog that’s a joint effort between Berkeley Law and UCLA Law.

Climate Change

Find out about law and climate change from these blogs.

  1. Envrionmental Law & Climate Change: This Lexis Nexis blog offers a look into our changing climate.
  2. Sustainability Law Blog: Tonkton Torp Attorneys write this blog about climate change, sustainable business, practices, and more.
  3. Climate Change Attorney: This blog is written by climate change attorneys Silverberg Zalantis.
  4. Climate Change Insights: Climate Change Insights offers a forum for critical analyses of climate law and policy.
  5. Global Climate Law Blog: Here you’ll find discussion on issues about global climate law and litigation.
  6. Climate Change & Carbon Management Blog: Check out this blog to get insight into climate change and carbon management in the law.
  7. Warming Law: This blog works to change the climate in the courts.
  8. Environmental Law Diary: In this blog, you’ll learn about environmental law with a focus on the climate.
  9. ClimateIntel: This blog offers insight on climate change, including international law, intellectual property, and more.


See how the law protects animals in these blogs.

  1. ESA Blawg: This blog takes a look at the Endangered Species Act.
  2. Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach: Check out this blog to learn about animal rights and the law.
  3. Animal Law Blog: Follow animal law news, litigation, and more from this blog.


These blogs focus on environmental law at the local level.

  1. Envirosphere: Envirosphere shares information about environmental law in New York State.
  2. Oikos: David Jeffrey’s blog is based in Australia, focusing on connections between the environment and the economy.
  3. Saxe Environmental Law Mews: Dianne Saxe’s blog features environmental law updates from Toronto, Ontario.
  4. PA Brownfields Environmental Law: Visit this blog, and you’ll get a look into brownfields in Pennsylvania and beyond.
  5. Environmental Law in Washington State: Get an overview of the issues in Washington environmental law from this blog.
  6. Ohio Environmental Law Blog: Check out this blog to find information and commentary about environmental law in Ohio and beyond.


See the future of energy law in these blogs.

  1. Renewable Energy Law Blog: Read about the law, science, and policy of renewable energy on this blog.
  2. Energy Legal Blog: Energy Legal Blog discusses national and regional energy issues.
  3. Renewable + Law: This blog covers climate policy, renewable energy, and sustainability.
  4. The Energy Law Blog: In this blog, you’ll find information about oil and gas exploration, development, and more in the Gulf Coast.
  5. Offshore Renewable Energy Law Blog: Follow this blog, and you’ll learn about the news and regulation of wave, tidal, and offshore wind energy.


These blogs focus on the laws involving building developments.

  1. Green Building Law Blog: Shari Shapiro’s blog is all about green building law.
  2. Construction Law Musings: On this blog, you’ll find information about construction law in Virginia.
  3. Green Building & Environmental Trends: Visit Rich Cartlidge’s blog to learn about trends in the fields of green building, construction and environmental law.
  4. Construction Law Blog: This blog offers insights on legal issues concerning the construction industry.
  5. Green Building Law Update: On this blog, you’ll learn about trends, legal developments, codes, and regulations in green building from a construction attorney.


Check out these blogs to see the latest in government environmental law.

  1. Greenversations: Here you’ll find the official blog of the US Environmental Protection Agency.
  2. EnviroWonk: Find news and analysis of politics from an environmental perspective on this blog.
  3. Green Car Congress: This blog is all about the politics surrounding sustainable mobility.
  4. Hill Heat: Learn all about science policy legislation action from Hill Heat.