50 Best Blogs for Privacy Nuts

Written By CriminalJustice.com Staff

In today’s world of Internet interconnectedness, guarding your privacy can become a full-time job. Whether you are worried about your personal privacy, government interference, national security, identity theft, or the laws and policies surrounding privacy, these blogs will help you stay vigilant against any breaches in your privacy rights.

Privacy, Communications, and Censorship Blogs

These blogs cover a wide range of privacy issues including censorship, surveillance, online privacy, communications, and more.

  1. The Privacy Blog. Anonymity, online privacy, policies, surveillance, and censorship are among the topics featured on this blog.
  2. Privacy Blog. Medical record disposal, social networking privacy, and the Supreme Court’s take on privacy are recent posts here.
  3. Threat Level. This blog at Wired.com touches on privacy, security, and related topics.
  4. Conspicuous Chatter. Get research and opinions on the latest topics from the fields of anonymous and covert communication, traffic analysis, and censorship resistance.
  5. Inoperability Streams. These posts include news about telecommunications, communications, and security.
  6. Privacy International. This watchdog group posts news pertaining to privacy from all around the world.
  7. Privacy Diary. Identity theft, risk management, information security, and more find their place in this blog.
  8. TRUSTe Blog. Cybercrime and self policing are among the topics on this blog.

Online Privacy and Security

Guarding your privacy online is not only a good idea, but actually a necessity. Read these blogs to find news and updates from the world of cybersecurity and privacy.

  1. MetaSecurity. Topics on this blog often include intelligence, cybersecurity, and virtual worlds.
  2. Matt Blaze’s Exhaustive Search. This professor from University of Pennsylvania blogs about security and privacy issues as they relate to science and technology.
  3. Freedom to Tinker. Published by Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy, this blog examines privacy, Internet security, intellectual property, and much more.
  4. SMBlog–Steve Bellovin’s Blog. This professor from Columbia University blogs about Internet Security, privacy, and related issues.
  5. Avi Rubin’s Blog. Electronic voting security, computer and network security, and other security issues appear on this blog written by a professor from Johns Hopkins University.
  6. CERIAS. The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security is one of the leaders in research and education on information security. and their blog focuses on these issues.
  7. Random Spaf Items. Professor Gene Spafford from Purdue, who also posts on CERIAS, writes about privacy, cybersecurity, cybercrime, and more on his personal blog.
  8. 1 Raindrop. Written by security software expert, Gunnar Peterson, the posts on this blog discuss online security and privacy issues.
  9. SecurityBuddha.com. Mark Curphey writes about Internet security tools as he has begun to reshape his blog.
  10. Security Retentive. This information security engineer blogs about Internet security and privacy issues.
  11. Another Set of Teeth. This blog covers privacy, security, and ethics especially pertaining to Internet security.

National Security

These blogs cover national security from the perspective of the government, strategists, and others who are dedicated to keeping you informed about security issues.

  1. In Homeland Security. This non-partisan and non-commercial blog is sponsored by the American Military University and delivers news and analysis of issues relating to national security.
  2. Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0 et al.. Written by the well-known strategist and theorist, W. David Stephenson, this blog touches on technology and civil liberty issues in relation to homeland security.
  3. Global Guerrillas. This former USAF pilot and current analyst on warfare and security writes on communities and potential crises.
  4. Vital Systems Security. With posts including such topics as community health issues, security, and globalization, this blog brings the latest scientific news as it relates to these issues.
  5. Emergency.Blog. This blog focuses on information relating to security issues such as terrorism, emergency service, and cyberwar.
  6. Homeland Security Watch. This non-partisan, non-commercial blog provides information about national security events and news.
  7. War and Piece. Written by a national security correspondent, this blog provides insight on national security issues and foreign policy.
  8. DefenseTech. This blog from Military.com covers a variety of topics that pertain to national security.
  9. Evolution of Security. From the Transportation Security Administration, posts here discuss security and technology as they relate to national security.
  10. Security Debrief. This blog features news and commentary from several sources that all discuss issues surrounding national security.
  11. Home Station. From the Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University, this blog discusses timely issues surrounding homeland security including cybersecurity, terrorism, and more.

Personal Privacy, Security, and Identity

From guarding your identity to keeping your family safe to digital identity issues, these blogs cover personal security and privacy.

  1. Privacy and Identity Theft. Get news and learn how to protect yourself with the information here that examines cybercrime, identity theft, and more.
  2. Privacy Gourmet. Privacy and social networking, data privacy, privacy resources, and keeping families safe online are some of the subjects covered on this blog.
  3. Emergent Chaos. This collaborative blog focuses on privacy, security, liberty, and economics.
  4. Schneier on Security. This “security guru” and renowned author blogs about computer security, personal security, and Friday squids.
  5. The-New-Internet-Security-Cyberhood-Watch-Blog. This blog focuses on such privacy and security issues such as identity theft, child cybersafety, and cybercrime.
  6. Ceci n’est pas un Bob. Learn about issues surrounding security, privacy, identity, and risk at this blog written by Bob Blakley.
  7. Identerati. Another blog from an employee of Burton Group, this focuses on identity management and security with a perspective from both business and the individual.
  8. IdentityBlog. Kim Cameron writes about digital identity, privacy, and more on his blog.
  9. Identity Woman. Social issues surrounding online digital identity are the focus of Kaliya Hamlin’s blog.
  10. Adventures of an Eternal Optimist. Digital identity, privacy, and more are the topics discussed here.

Law and Policies

These lawyers and organizations all blog about privacy law and policies.

  1. Privacy Law Blog. Security breaches, privacy law issues, and more are the focus of this blog from Proskauer Rose, LLP.
  2. Burton Group Identity and Privacy. Burton Group reports news and offers opinions on the state of privacy policy and issues.
  3. Privacy and Security Law Blog. Medical records, cybercrime, and other privacy issues get attention on this legal blog.
  4. Privacy and Information Security Law Blog. Global privacy law issues, especially as they pertain to the cyberworld, are featured here.
  5. Privacy Spot. The law firm of Hughes & Luce, LLP blog about data protection and privacy law.
  6. beSpacific. This law and technology blog frequently discusses topics such as government, cybercrime, and the Internet.
  7. Think Progress. Advancing progressive ideas and politics are the mission of this blog where you can find topics including privacy, immigration, and security.
  8. In General Counsel. This right-leaning legal analyst discusses issues of security, politics, and more from a legal perspective.
  9. Gregory S. McNeal. This law professor writes on such topics as counterterrorism, national security, and criminal law.
  10. Privacy Law & Policy. Privacy rights, open government, and cybercrime are the topics on this blog.