Private Eye Reading: The Top 50 Detective Blogs

Written By Staff

True crime stories have intrigued the masses for as long as crime has been around. Whether people want to understand the psychology behind the crime, are just curious to get the gossip, or, like a puzzle, want to figure out the details to solve the crime, the desire to get the scoop is a strong one. These sites bring the detectives and their work to you through the the writings on their blogs. Whether you want to read about detectives on the police force, private eyes, British detectives, true crime, or even a little bit about fictional detectives, these blogs will provide you with hours of crime and criminals.

On the Force

These blogs are written by members of the police force who can share first-hand experience of crime and investigation.

  1. Cerberus at the gate. Newly retired, this detective shares his life experiences and offers plenty of valuable information to anyone stopping by for a read.
  2. View from the cop. This retired policeman blogs about community watch issues, the criminals, and the police who catch them.
  3. LAPD Blog. While not just focusing on detectives, this blog does read like a script from Law & Order with detailed descriptions of crimes occurring in LA.
  4. Detective Shaved Longcock. Despite the title that sounds more pornographic than law enforcement, this blog features news and funny posts relating to police work.
  5. The Philosophical Cop Police Blog. This police officer has worked on the force for ten years and has experience in many different departments. His blog offers stories, advice, and he also enjoys answering “Ask a Cop” questions.
  6. The Johnny Law Chronicles. This popular and hard-hitting blog brings plenty of information, news, and opinion about being an officer.

In Business for Themselves

These blogs are all written by private investigators who currently practice. Their backgrounds are varied, with ex-police, lawyers, and more writing about their detective work.

  1. Crime, Guns, and Videotape. Written by an ex-detective from Chicago and currently working as a private investigator, this detective writes about police work, personal security, and politics.
  2. The Investigator’s Notebook. This real-life PI in Dallas, TX blogs about a wide variety of topics including politics, interesting found items, and what he goes through in the course of his work.
  3. Jan B. Tucker: Private Investigator & Political Activist. This popular private eye blogs about politics in Los Angeles and the nation as well as his life.
  4. HI-CALIBER Private Investigations. This blog relates real crimes and analyzes what happened and what can be done if you are ever in a similar situation.
  5. El Scott Harrell. Ex-Navy intelligence, this private investigator is one of three in the country that is qualified to develop training programs. His blog features PI news and information, and is peppered with jokes that may leave some feeling uncomfortable.
  6. Sneaky Private Investigators Blog. Find private eye tips on everything from screening nannies to employment history usage.
  7. Sherlock’s Case Files. This real-life Sherlock provides information, news, and even asks readers to help with ongoing cases from time to time.
  8. Private Investigator Stories. Posts here are written by guests who share their stories, news, or interesting information for PIs or those interested in the subject.
  9. The Candid Private Investigator. Specializing in public record research, this blog covers lots of topics related to privacy and personal protection.
  10. Private Investigators – specializes in finding PIs for hire around the world, and their blog offers plenty of PI news that may be of interest to anyone considering hiring a PI or interested in PIs in the news.
  11. Private Investigator Hints, Tricks, and Tips. Private investigators or PI wannabes will enjoy all the helpful information on this blog, despite the infrequent postings.
  12. The “official” blog of PI Magazine, this blog offers useful information for investigators and interested parties alike.
  13. Private Eye Confidential. This private investigator from California blogs about such interesting topics as Facebook as an investigation tool and surveillance success.
  14. Sting Investigations – Private Investigative Issues. From promoting fellow private investigators to sharing PI-related news stories to motivational posts, this blog covers it all.
  15. With plenty of stories about privacy violations around the world, this blog will open your eyes to ways you should protect yourself.
  16. New Hampshires Best – Nickels Private Investigations. From stalking to white collar crime, this blog informs readers on the latest happenings in the legal and PI worlds.

British Detectives

Home of Scotland Yard, the most famous murderer of all time–Jack the Ripper, and such famous fictional detectives as Sherlock Holmes and the anything-but-dotty Miss Marple, Great Britain is the home to great detective stories both real and fictional. These blogs bring the best of real British detectives to life.

  1. The Policeman’s Blog. With both Canadian and British bloggers here, you can read about crime outside the US from the policeman’s perspective.
  2. Police Inspector Blog. This ex-British Army soldier is now a police inspector in the rural English countryside and writes about his experiences.
  3. PC Bloggs – a Twenty-first Century Police Officer. This British policewoman and published author shares what its like to work on the force.
  4. Nightjack – An English Detective. Get a feel for what it’s like to be a detective on the British police force with these insightful posts about the life of a detective.
  5. De-tec-tive. This detective from the UK offers a view of the work, politics, and more involved in detecting on the police force.
  6. The Thin Blue Line. Moving from a new officer to detective, this blogger shares what it’s like on the force.
  7. Intelligence Detective. This detective doesn’t hold back on his realistic description and editorials of life as a detective.
  8. CSI: UK. Claiming no resemblance to the popular American TV show, this CSI in the UK blogs about the real deal.
  9. Panda Tales. This real-life constable shares his experiences on the beat.
  10. The Twining Chronicles – A British Police News Feed. A black police sergeant, Twining blogs about race and policing in an honest and direct manner that is worth having on your blogroll.

You Be the Detective

These blogs let you play detective–or at least feel like you were on the scene–with reports and analyses of true crimes.

  1. Crime Scene Blog. Read about crimes occurring in the San Gabriel Valley at this blog run by the SGV Tribune.
  2. South Bay Crimes & Courts. Get the latest in crime news from the South Bay area and even help solve a few when the posts ask for reader help.
  3. Bonnie’s Blog of Crime. This blogger posts crime stories, some of which are closed, but most are open and ready for readers to offer any help they can with missing persons and similar incidents.
  4. In Cold Blog. The writers on this blog are all professionals–writers, lawyers, journalists–and share true crime stories that are still under investigation or playing out in the courts.
  5. The Crime Scene. Find out from the OC Register what kind of crime is taking place in the Orange County area.
  6. The Criminal Report Daily. Get a daily dose of true crime cases with this blog written by David Lohr.
  7. Bizarre Crime of the Week Report. From scorned wives to death by initiation rituals for a hate group, you’ll find plenty of strange crimes here each week.
  8. The Malefactor’s Register. Read about true crimes from the early 1900’s to present day in this well-done blog.

Detectives on Paper

While many believe that truth is stranger than fiction, fiction certainly does keep its readers entertained. The following blogs are about fictional detectives, crime stories, and murder mysteries.

  1. The Thrilling Detective Blog. This bookseller writes about a wide variety of detective literature and writers from pregnant PIs to crime comics.
  2. If You Want to Know About My Life…. Gerald So blogs about crime, detectives, and mystery fiction as well as a bit about his life as a writer of such.
  3. Detectives Beyond Borders. This international detective fiction blog covers fiction from around the world with a focus on detectives and crime.
  4. The Rap Sheet. Take a look at the best in crime fiction at this blog that also offers a “best of” contest at the end of each year.
  5. Secret Dead Blog. Crime comics, pulp fiction, and news of the fiction crime world all get equal parts in this blog written by Duane Swierczynski.
  6. Guns in the Gutters. Written by a professional comic book and short fiction writer, this blog discusses graphic novels and comics that have a focus on crime, criminal, and those who investigate it all.
  7. These Aye Mean Streets. Russel McLean, popular private eye writer, blogs about himself and the world of detective fiction.
  8. The Crime Time Cafe. Describing himself as both a published writer and a Christian, this blog covers both crime and Christianity.
  9. L.A. Noir. Not only does this blog cover the world of crime fiction, it also includes a bit of real-life crime happening in L.A.
  10. Murderati. This collaborative blog is written by 12 murder and mystery writers and covers crime, fiction, publishing, and the life of a writer.