Top 50 Homeland Security Blogs

Written By Staff

While homeland security isn’t the same buzzword is was several years ago, it is still an important element and oft-discussed topic of American politics. From immigration laws to cyber-security to emergency preparedness to foreign policy, these blogs will bring you the latest discussions and research taking place with homeland security experts and novices alike. These blogs represent the government, researchers, professionals in the field, and every-day citizens and their offerings on the ever-evolving and important topic of homeland security.

Government Blogs

From the Department of Homeland Security to the US military, these blogs offer an official viewpoint on homeland security.

  1. Leadership Journal. This government-sponsored blog from the Department of Homeland Security discusses several topics relevant to homeland security, including emergency preparedness, immigration law enforcement, and promoting economic prosperity.
  2. In Homeland Security. This non-partisan and non-commercial blog is sponsored by the American Military University and delivers news and analysis of issues relating to homeland security such as military intelligence, law enforcement, border security, and more.
  3. Homeland Security Digital Library Weblog On the Homefront. Get everything from FBI hate crime statistics to CSIS documents to the new EPA water security guidance documents on this blog that incorporates several different blogs for a depth of coverage.
  4. DefenseTech. The blog from, posts here cover a wide range of topics, most of which pertain to issues of homeland security.
  5. U.S. Fire Administration Blog. The goal of this blog is to promote and discuss issues surrounding preparedness and response to fire emergencies. The topics in this blog will often relate to homeland security through these preparedness and response issues.
  6. Homeland Security Affairs. Actually an online journal, this publication by the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security is updated every month with articles designed to create discussion on homeland security issues to better strengthen defense.
  7. Evolution of Security. This blog of the Transportation Security Administration provides information on security and technology in the face of evolving terrorist threat.
  8. US-CERT. This site run by the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team provides frequent updates of the most important security incidents affecting cyber and national security.

Blogs by Strategists, Theorists, and Analysts

Read these blogs to find out what experts in the field have to say about homeland security and the issues surrounding it.

  1. Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0 et al.. Written by the well-known strategist and theorist, W. David Stephenson, this blog includes strategies everyone should become aware of and topics of technology and civil liberty issues in relation to homeland security.
  2. Homeland Security Leader. Written by another well-known strategist, John Taylor, this blog serves as a news aggregator for homeland security information coming from DHS,,, and other sources.
  3. Schneier on Security. This security expert blogs on all types of security issues, but frequently posts about homeland security in particular.
  4. Open Target. Focusing on discussion points on homeland security, this security expert posts on a variety of pertinent issues.
  5. Security Debrief. This collaborative blog features posts written by experts with backgrounds in “high-level government and policy expertise to in-the-field veterans of national security matters.”
  6. Democracy Arsenal. This collaborative blog focuses on foreign policy with many posts discussing homeland security issues. Contributors include several renowned foreign policy experts.
  7. The Michael Brown Blog. This former director from the DHS writes an interesting and entertaining blog on a variety of issues–all of which will have you thinking, no matter if you see eye-to-eye or not.
  8. Global Guerrillas. This former USAF pilot and current analyst on warfare and security writes on resilient communities and potential crises in his blog.
  9. Hometown Security. With an emphasis on emergency preparedness, this blog written by a Senior Fellow at the National Institute for Strategic Preparedness offers news, advice, opinions, and more on homeland security.
  10. In General Counsel. This legal analyst discusses the “regular and irregular news and commentary about the legal implications of homeland security” on this blog.
  11. Thomas P.M. Barnett :: Weblog. This strategic planner for national security affairs blogs on global and domestic issues that pertain to national security.

Academic and Research Blogs

From professors to researchers, these blogs offer the latest discoveries, advice, and opinions on homeland security.

  1. Gregory S. McNeal. This law professor writes about homeland security issues with an emphasis on the legal aspects in his blog.
  2. Home Station. From the Integrative Center for Homeland Security at Texas A&M University, this blog discusses timely issues surrounding homeland security as the organization works to find ways to provide education, research, and outreach on these issues.
  3. Secrecy News. Sponsored by the Federation of American Scientists, this blog supports their mission to help good policy result from scientific research through the disclosure of government secrecy.
  4. beSpacific. This “daily law and technology” blog written by a practicing lawyer frequently discusses topics of homeland security, e-government, cybercrime, and the Patriot Act.
  5. Vital Systems Security. With posts on disease control, anthrax updates, strategic bombing in the Republic of Georgia, and more, this blog that is a part of Anthropology of the Contemporary Research Collaboratory brings the latest scientific news as it relates to homeland security issues.
  6. PCR Project. A part of the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project focuses on strategies to strengthen international conflict response. This blog covers topics such as potential negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban, the NBA PeacePlayers International program, and diplomatic relations between U.S. and Iran.
  7. ERRI Homeland Security News. Get the latest news updates from the Emergency Response and Research Institute at this blog/news aggregator.
  8. Emergency.Blog. Another blog from ERRI, this focuses on information relating to homeland security and its associated topics such as counter-terrorism, emergency services, the military, and cyberwar.

Blogs Offering a Variety of Opinions and Views

From conservative to liberal views to everything in between, these blogs offer advice, news, information, and more on the subject of homeland security.

  1. Armchair Generalist. This blogger writes with a “progressive view on military affairs” that frequently cover topics of homeland security.
  2. Homeland Stupidity. While this blog serves to point out the government’s blunders, the goal of these posts is to suggest better approaches and avoid future gaffes.
  3. Think Progress. This organization works to promote progressive ideas and politics and their blog supports this mission with articles frequently touching on such homeland security issues as immigration, privacy, and more.
  4. Homeland Security Watch. This non-partisan, non-commercial blog approaches its posts with such that it includes several different aspects of security including transportation security, emergency preparedness, infrastructure protection, and border security.
  5. National Terror Alert. Get news and information that pertains to homeland security as well as incident reports, preparedness articles, and more.
  6. Daniel Pipes Blog. With a decidedly conservative bent, this blog specifically covers topics that relate to the Middle East with less of the perspective of the scholar and more of what Mr. Pipes refers to as that of mainstream America.
  7. Danger Room. From, this blog, in its usual off-beat style, covers the latest news items on defense with posts surrounding homeland security issues showing up regularly.
  8. Threat Level. Another blog, this one includes stories about security in general, and often homeland security in particular–often with tongue-in-cheek.
  9. Aerospace Cases. The posts here are designed to inspire discussion on a variety of topics, many of which include defense and homeland security issues, with the goal being to benefit those in the business industry, academia, analysts, and others.
  10. War and Piece. Written by a national security correspondent for several publications, this blog provides news clips from various sources that provide insight on national security issues and more.
  11. Monday (P)review. Updated weekly with news that relates to homeland security, counter-terrorism, and risk management and the potential trends they may reveal.
  12. Losantiville. With a decidedly Cincinnati view, this blog offers posts on “current events, homeland security, and the military.”

Homeland Security Blogs by Specific Issue

With topics on immigration, security, emergency preparedness, foreign policy, counterterrorism, and more, these blogs offer a more defined look at some of the issues surrounding homeland security.

  1. ImmigrationProf Blog. The law professors on this blog write about immigration issues, immigration laws, and often, the intersection of immigration and homeland security.
  2. MetaSecurity. Focusing specifically on “the security implications of the virtual community,” topics often include terrorism, extremist activity, legal responses, and other issues related to homeland security.
  3. Counterterrorism Blog. With posts written for researchers and policy-makers to receive real-time updates on issues surrounding counterterrorism, this blog contains frequent daily updates.
  4. In Case of Emergency. Dedicated to public health preparedness, this blog covers information about pandemic flu, funding for preparedness, response exercises, and more.
  5. Port Security, Maritime Security, and Homeland Security Blog. Offered by WhisprWave, a company that manufactures port security devices, this blog brings news on security issues that pertain to ports, and water crafts, and more.
  6. Disaster Zone. Emergency management and homeland security are the focus of the posts on this blog that offers tips, news, and more.
  7. Inoperability Streams. Get updates on all things communication-related with this blog that reports the latest news concerning communications inoperability.
  8. NTI Global Security Newswire. This news source sponsored by NTI, an organization with the mission of protecting the world from nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, provides frequent news reports on the topic.
  9. FP Passport. Check out the latest in foreign policy news with this blog, a part of the widely-read Foreign Policy Magazine.
  10. Privacy and Security Law Blog. With posts frequently touching on homeland security and its related issues, this collaborative blog is written by a group of privacy and security lawyers from the firm of Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP.
  11. Open Veins. This blog, written by a professional journalist, highlights issues surrounding immigration including policies as well as a look at the individuals involved.