Who Knows What About You? 25 Free Tools to Find Out

Written By CriminalJustice.com Staff

Lots of personal information about you is available online, and you dont have to be an FBI agent to find it. Whether it’s public records or your home telephone number, there are lots of tools that you have at your disposal to find this information. Here, we’ll take a look at 25 tools that can help you track down the information that’s available about you online.

Monitoring Tools

Set up these tools to get alerts whenever your information comes up.

  1. Google Alerts: With this tool, you can find out what people are saying about you online. Set up an alert for your name, common misspellings, and more to monitor your Google buzz.
  2. TweetBeep: Twitter is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate online, so monitor your name on Twitter with TweetBeep by setting up an alert.
  3. AlertThingy: AlertThingy will update you on your information in social networks all over the web, so you can stay up to date all in one handy spot.
  4. Yacktrack: Use Yacktrack, and you can find comments on your content from Blogger, FriendFeed, Digg, and more. This is a great way to find out when people are responding to your comments, videos, photos, and more.
  5. MonitorThis: With this simple tool, you’ll be able to monitor search feeds from a variety of websites online.
  6. Technorati: Find out what’s being said about you on the blogosphere from Technorati, and even read reactions to your blog.
  7. uberVU: Get updates on reactions all over the Internet to your stories, profiles, and much more using the uberVU tool.
  8. Boardtracker: Get alerts about forum threads that have your name in them from this tool, so you’ll always be able to find out when someone is talking about you.
  9. Backtype: Find, follow, and share comments about yourself all around the Web using this tool. You can even make sure that when you write a comment with a link to your website, it will be attributed to you.
  10. Trackur: Trackur offers a really sophisticated way to track your online reputation over blogs, news sites, and lots more.

Business & Finance

Check out what’s being said about your business and finances with these tools.

  1. Yelp: Yelp’s local websites are full of reviews and discussions that can help you find out what’s being said about your business online.
  2. AnnualCreditReport.com: Check out what the credit reporting agencies are sharing about your financial situation from this website.
  3. Yahoo! Local: Check out reviews and ratings for your business using Yahoo!’s local business pages.
  4. Sellerwise: Sellerwise will help you find out intelligence about your auctions, including how people are finding your listings and how many times they visit.
  5. Citysearch: Find out what’s being said about your business, and find the resources that your customers can find out with through Citysearch’s website.


With these search engines, you can be your own sleuth to find out who has the dirt on you.

  1. Social Mention: Use this social media search engine to find your name and brand on blogs, comments, bookmarks, videos, and much more.
  2. The Internet Address Book: See where you can be found on the Internet from this website, and register so that you can control the information that’s shared.
  3. Wink: Use Wink’s comprehensive people search to find yourself online, and claim your online identity.
  4. ZabaSearch: ZabaSearch is well known for being eerily accurate about the information it can dig up on you-so be sure to check this one out.
  5. Spydentity: Spydentity searches webpages, blogs, profiles, photos, and lots more to find your personal information online.
  6. PeekYou: PeekYou makes it easy to find yourself by your real, name, online username, and more.
  7. Pipl: Pipl’s comprehensive people search will show you information about your name, email, username, and phone number.

Public Records

Make use of these tools to research your own public records.

  1. iSearch: iSearch can help you find your public records data, school and professional information, social networking, and lots more.
  2. Intelius: Intelius is a smart tool that can help you find your personal information, including home value, income, and public records.
  3. Mamma: This mother of all search engines offers a way to find your public records, unlisted phone numbers, and background check information.